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Patients from throughout Los Angeles who have suffered sports injuries will find expert care with Dr. Brigitte Rozenberg and her associates at the Chiropractic Wellness Center in Culver City and Van Nuys, California.

Sports Injuries Q & A

What Are Common Sports Injuries?

The most common sports injuries fall into the categories of sprains/strains, tendon injuries, joint injuries, fractures, dislocations, and swollen muscles. Traditional medical treatments can misdiagnose these conditions due to lack of experience and knowledge of the physiological differences between athletes and non-athletes. Dr. Rozenberg has specialized training and experience in diagnosing sports injuries such as runner’s knee, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, back and neck pain and sprains and strains. Sports related injuries typically fall into two categories, including acute and chronic. Acute injuries happen suddenly, and the pain, inflammation, bruising and swelling are immediate. Chronic injuries, like tendonitis, occur over time, and the pain typically gets worse with increased activity.

How Are Sports Injuries Treated?

Dr. Rozenberg and her associates at the Chiropractic Wellness Center offer chiropractic care, acupuncture, physiotherapy, and more to help athletes of all abilities to recover from injuries and maintain optimal performance. Dr. Rozenberg will examine your sports injury and review your medical history to help determine the cause of your pain and loss of range of motion. She will develop a comprehensive treatment plan to reduce any pain and facilitate healing. Chiropractic adjustments reduce inflammation and pain by ensuring your vertebrae and extremity joints are properly aligned.Brief massage therapy focusing on the treatment areas help
your muscles release lactic acid, which causes soreness and stiffness after exercise, and improve circulation. Physiotherapy rehabilitates the injured part of your body. This involves performing specific exercises at our office under the guidance of our specialists and at home.

Can I Prevent Reinjuring Myself?

Many athletes have regular chiropractic care to keep their bodies in correct alignment and optimal health to support excellent athletic performance. Dr. Rozenberg and the team will give you guidance and suggestions on how to avoid re-injuring yourself both during and after your treatment. While your injury is being treated, you may receive information and guidance to strengthen your body to support healing and to protect your spine. After your injury has healed, the doctors may recommend a maintenance program where you come into our office periodically for an evaluation, chiropractic adjustments and other therapies to maintain your overall well being, helping to reduce the risk of injury.

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